Biographical Information

Daniel Gore
  Daniel Gore is the son of a Carolina guitar/mandolin picker, born into a Tar-Heel hurricane of hoe-downs, train-wreck ballads, and shape-note hymns. His Dadís group, The Barfoot Brothers, recorded several records on the Raleigh Tar Heel label through the 50's, covering hits by the Delmores and Monroe brothers. The old Gibson guitar his grand-daddy played at church is still used around the house, but the banjo his brother made him in Ď70 is about shot. Dan still has the mandolin his brother sold him in Ď76 from the trunk of his old Chevy. Says Dan, Iíve been around the world three times, out of the state once, seen five county fairs and been to a goat mating, but Iíve never met a banjo player I didnít like.

  Dan plays mandolin and banjo and has appeared in several productions of the Broadway hit (Bluegrass musical) The Robber Bridegroom, as well as other staged productions where bluegrass instruments are needed. He writes much of the material that his band performs, and also writes articles for Bluegrass Unlimited. He has taught several courses in Bluegrass music through the community college, and actively promotes the music he loves whenever and wherever he is able to do so. Other interests include fishing and hiking.

Mary Miller
  Mary Miller was born in Winston Salem, N.C., and she graduated from the University of North Carolina with a BA in Music and a BS in Nursing. Musical influences as a child were mostly gospel singing at church and camp-meetings. At home she sang four-part harmony around the piano with her father and two sisters. She also heard lots of fine old-time and Bluegrass at local square dances and fiddler's conventions. Mary plays guitar, piano, bass, and is currently staying a step ahead of her six year old son as they learn to play the fiddle.

  Dan and Mary were brought from North Carolina to Spokane in 1986 by their line of work which recruited them into the local work force, Dan as an engineer, Mary as a nurse. Upon their arrival they resumed their interest in Bluegrass music. Their long-running band, The Blue Road Rounders, has been active around the Pacific Northwest in many festivals, broadcasts, and other stage productions. They regularly provide special music for their church.