From: Victory Music Review July 1998
Daniel Gore
Ways That Are Dark CD
Elephant Rock, (888) 685-9665
by: Richard Middleton

  This CD is a unique and fortuitous blend of American folk history, excellent songwriting, and fantastic musicianship. Daniel Gore has adapted Horace Kephart's classic journal/ chronicle of turn-of-the-century rural North Carolina, Our Southern Highlanders, into a richly layered bluegrass/old-time song cycle. Gore's songs and arrangements are inspired, and the musicians play beautifully. They include Peter Rowan, Mary Miller, Jim Watson, Scott Huffman, Craig Smith, Jack Lawrence, Rickie Simpkins, Don Lewis, Tony Williamson, and more. These tales of moonshiners, lawmen, wild boars and family feuds are satisfying on every level, and may help preserve Kephart's legacy for years to come. Definitely recommended.