Track 1 of "Ways that Are Dark" CD
The Outlander Meets
the Native

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Somebody's comin' up the Eagle Creek Branch
Some furriner I ain't never seen
Tell Quill Rose to larn who he is
Go down and meet 'im at the spring

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Quil Rose was one of Kephart's closest liaison's to the mountain culture. Quil was a storyteller, blockader, fiddler, and thorough mountain stock. It was through him that Kephart learned many of the native customs. This song is taken from the chapter "Outlander and Native." The storyline supposes that Kephart meets Quil Rose in the manner described, and therein Poe's description of a fierce uncouth mountain race is debunked.

furriner - someone from anywhere else
cooterin - to move lazily around, like a box turtle
prodjectin - to prospect without legitimate business, or to tamper with, with possible deception
shummickin - to shuffle about, idly nosing into things, as a bear does when there is nothing serious in view
loaferin - to loaf
hyar - here
gwine - going
ol' Ned - slang for fat pork
suggin (or "sujjit") - refers to a pouch or small carrying sack
ter - variant of to
cheer - variant of chair
enjoy ye somehow - to entertain someone, or to amuse them
pallet - makeshift bed on the floor

The Musicians:
Lead Vocal: Jim Watson
Baritone: Scott Huffman
Guitar: Jack Lawrence
Banjo: Craig Smith
Mandolin: Tony Williamson
Fiddle: Rickie Simpkins