Track 12 of "Ways that Are Dark" CD
Ways That Are Dark

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There are ways in the mountains as old as the hills
There are ways where dark hollers hide a still
Smoky paths still lead back to a Scot's old cutty sark
In the hills there are ways that are dark

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From the chapters "Ways That Are Dark" and "A Leaf From The Past." Kephart provides detailed instructions on the making of corn whiskey and the inherent dangers in its surrounding culture. The ancient Hibernian art of making poteen (the spirits distilled from a small pot-still) is traced forward through the Scotch-Irish immigrants to the American southern highlands, where mountaineers continued to "hide their pot-stills in inaccessible places, as in the savage mountains and glens of Connemara." Some horses can detect small quantities of still "tailings" in a stream and will refuse to drink the water; revenue officers take advantage of this behavior.

bumblings - whiskey that is adulterated leaves the drinker's head feeling "bumbly"
pop-skull - another term for adulterated whiskey; also called "bust head", "bumblings," and so on
cutty sark - Scots term for a shirt cut short
fotch up - raised, or reared

The Musicians:
Lead Vocal: Peter Rowan
Tenor Vocals: Russell Johnson
Guitar: Jack Lawrence
Banjo: Craig Smith
Mandolin: Tony Williamson
Fiddle: Rickie Simpkins
String Bass: Robbie Link