Track 13 of "Ways that Are Dark" CD
Noah Freed the Raven First

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Raven, raven
rain he's cravin'
born on Thunderhead
Raven, raven
feed on live or dead
Raven, raven
black and brazen
o'er the lamb he flies
Raven, raven
hades raisin'
pecking out the eyes

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Kephart's journal entries are a source of much material that informs his textual entries in "Highlanders." Describing the mountains in the chapter "Back of Beyond," Kephart lists wildlife common to the region. The North American raven (corvus corax principalis) captures his attention right off. He spares a page of ink in "Highlanders" to this reclusive bird, and his journal contains over five type-written pages plus another two hand-written pages of ornithological data and observations on the raven! It is noted more than once that Noah freed the raven first, and later the dove. The account in Genesis does not say that the raven ever returned to the Ark, nor that the raven perished; it may be he found high ground somewhere in North Carolina. In any event, this animal spirit represents Kephart's retreat and reclusive behavior, the lyrical intent of this song.

The Musicians:
Lead Vocal: Tim O'Brien
Guitar: Milton Gore
Banjo: Craig Smith
Mandolin: Tony Williamson
Fiddle: Rickie Simpkins
String Bass: Robbie Link