Track 2 of "Ways that Are Dark" CD
The Pig Belial

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He came alone with a pen and a gun
A long ways from his home
Smoky mountain moonshine in his blood
And Dante burning in his bones
He chinked a cabin up a branch on a hill near Hazel Creek
Back of beyond, where the razorbacks would keep

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From the chapter "Back of Beyond," this song is taken from the story of Kephart's encounter with a local, a pig he names Belial. Kephart had studied Dante while in Florence, Italy, and takes this name (Belial) from one of Dante's devils. Kep ruins Belial's tail with his "naildriver" of a rifle, and then "Exit Belial! It was equivalent to a broken heart. He emigrated, or committed suicide, I know not which, but the Smoky Mountains knew him no more."

The Musicians:
Lead Vocal: Scott Huffman
Tenor: Jim Watson
Guitar: Jack Lawrence
Banjo:Craig Smith
Mandolin: Tony Williamson
Fiddle: Rickie Simpkins
String Bass: Robbie Link