Track 4 of "Ways that Are Dark" CD
The Snakestick Man

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There's a stranger in the old hotel who looks
like a prosperous man from the West
And though he hides behind the covers of a Spanish mystery book
The Cherokee is who he's come to make arrest
The Cherokee is who he's come to make arrest

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From the chapter "Snakestick Man." An insidious side-effect of prohibition was the criminalization of mountain citizens whose lives depended upon turning their corn into whiskey. The Okona Lufty drainage was home to many Cherokee Indians and a region where moonshine flowed as easily as the water. A special federal agent named W.W. Thomason was assigned to the Indian Bureau. He arrived in Bryson City and took a room at the old Cooper House where Kephart boarded. The agent's mission was secret, yet he soon charmed the locals with the "snake-sticks" that he carved. He traded these for liquor and soon was arresting Cherokee Indians and running them through the Federal court. The agent was a dangerous gunman whose credo went, "Man hunting is the finest sport in the world." He was known as Mr.Quick for his lightning draw with a Luger.

The Musicians:
Lead Vocal: Peter Rowan
Tenor Voacl: Mary Miller
Guitar: Jack Lawrence, Peter Rowan
Mandolin: Tony Williamson
Fiddle: Rickie Simpkins
String Bass: Robbie Link