Track 7 of "Ways that Are Dark" CD
The Killing Of Hol Rose

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With the apple in its fall
There's a spoiling of the fruit
Where the flesh takes spirit in the worm
With the pomace in the barrel
There's a hardening of the juice
Ere the work of the lord is done

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From the chapter "The Killing of Hol Rose." The killing of a lawman while in the line of duty is not uncommon and ordinarily warrants much less ink than Kephart spent on this story. Babe Burnett murdered prohibition officer Hol Rose while Babe's property was being searched without proper warrants. Kephart often sided with the small-time whiskey maker, and railed against the law when due process appeared to be violated. Kephart moralizes: "There is a lesson here for our citizenry at large. Zealots injure their own cause by their own excesses." The dividing line between blockader and lawkeeper gets very thin at times. Once again, the words "you're right, comrade; man-hunting is the finest sport in the world" reappear on p. 246.

pomace - hard cidar from the juice of an apple
blockader - one who makes moonshine whiskey, called blockade

The Musicians:
Lead Vocal: Peter Rowan
Tenor Vocals: Mary Miller
Guitar: Milton Gore
Steel Guitar: Kevin Maul
Mandolin: Daniel Gore
String Bass: Robbie Link