Track 8 of "Ways that Are Dark" CD
Courting A Feud

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Hey, Babe, I hear'd you blow'd away
The sherriff, Holland Rose
Plugged 'im up with lead
From head to toes
Now your son's out a courtin
With his daughter, heaven knows!
This affair's bound to tear
The families into feudin' foes

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From the chapter "Killing of Hol Rose." An interesting digression from Kephart's story about how Hol Rose was murdered by Babe Burnett occurs mid-chapter. It seems two of Burnett's sons came on from Idaho following their dad's misdeed. Verlin Burnett was a dashing ex-marine. Hol Rose had a pretty daughter, Ima Rose, whom Kephart observed was "rightly named and very much in bloom." She was employed at the old Cooper House where Kephart resided. Soon the two met. Their passion was reckless. They went abroad together. They returned armed, possibly bootlegging, and their courtship alarmed all: this romance heralded the classic roots of a clan feud between the Rose and Burnett families.

The Musicians:
Lead Vocal: Scott Huffman
Tenor Vocals: Mary Miller
Guitar: Jack Lawrence
Banjo: Craig Smith
Mandolin: Tony Williamson
Fiddle: Don Lewis
String Bass: Robbie Link