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Registration for the Mandolin Congress begins with your writing an email to:


and expressing your interest in attending the Congress. There is space for only 35 students, and if there is still room, then I will include your name in a list of interested attendees.

Instructions to Register:

1.     Choose one topic from each of the four sessions

2.     Indicate your choice by marking the line, for example:       x    .

3.     Reply with email back to me what your choice is


Note: you are free to change your mind on the day of the Congress, but for now the teachers need some estimate of how many will attend their class and how to send you material in advance. 


SESSION ONE,  9 AM – 10:45 AM

Beginner Topic

______Digital Dexterity And Hello, Mandolin!    (Don Stiernberg)

Intermediate Topic (choose only one, please)

______Scales and double stops, connecting the dots  (Don Thomsen)

______ Kick it up a notch: Making mandolin Jam   (Sam Lyman)

Advanced Topic

______ Improvising on vocal songs you don’t know. Solos & Fills techniques (Chad Fadely)


SESSION TWO,  10:45 AM – 12:30 PM

Beginner Topic

______ Larger Bodied Mandolins And How They Are Played  (Ken Glastre)

Intermediate Topic (choose only one, please)

______Picking patterns and triplets in Irish music  (Don Thomsen)

______Intro To Chord Melody "Jethro Style"  (Don Stiernberg)

Advanced Topic

______Arpeggios From Beethoven To Grisman                (Dan Gore)


SESSION THREE,  1:30 PM – 3:15 PM

Beginner Topic

______The Bluegrass Chop: Chords & Rhythm Techniques  (Chad Fadely)

Intermediate Topic (choose only one, please)

______Learn a few tunes by ear, It’s the Irish way!  (Don Thomsen)

______Brazilian Choro, Intro to Samba Rhythms                    (Dan Gore)


______Licks, Fills, Tunes, And Making Your Own                 (Don Stiernberg)


SESSION FOUR,  3:15 PM -  5 PM

Beginner Topic

______ Old-time Fiddle Tunes For Mandolin   (Sam Lyman)

Intermediate Topic (choose only one, please)

______ Double Stops Every Bluegrass Mandolin Player Should Know   (Chad Fadely)

______Mandola Grooves For Rhythm And Blues Vocals    ( Ken Glastre )

Advanced Topic

______ The Fiddle Tunes Of Swing And Jazz   (Don Stiernberg)