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Registration for the Mandolin Congress begins with your writing an email to:


and expressing your interest in attending the Congress. There is space for only 35 students, and if there is still room, then I will include your name in a list of interested attendees.

Next, I will ask you for a few topics that interest you and would serve your needs. You’ll receive a list of mandolin related topics that I have compiled. Please indicate the level of your playing and topics that interests you.

Late in October I will have constructed a fairly stable syllabus that includes topic title, instructor, and level. At that time you are ready to get serious about attending, and I will request that you choose from each of the four sessions which workshop you would like to be a part of. The instructor will contact you and exchange information, including music and other links relevant to the workshop.

That's about it. Show up with your mandolin, entry fee, and prepared for a wonderful experience of learning something new about the mandolin and connecting with other like-minded folks.